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Turnkey Solutions Automotive solutions Secured POS Enterprise Infrastructure
    Our competencies and qualifications enable us to provide different markets in ME region with comprehensive professional solutions in the areas of technical software and hardware in the most sophisticated and efficient forms which rationalize operation's associated time, effort and cost that provides different business; Automotive and Retails, a relatively long term competitive advantage.
    This package is specially formed from connected elements to provide the retail and hospitality business with a solution which helps in reducing operating cost as well as risk of fraud and theft. The concept of the solution is to integrate the keyed data into POS machines with the recorded image and sound via Security cameras to provide a full exact time sequence of the selling process.
    Networks : Networks and security systems (CISCO – GFI) Hardware - IBM servers
    - Storage
    - POS System.
    - All In One fan-less touch 15-17" PC .
    - Cash drawer .
    - Thermal printer (serial-USB) .
    - Pole display .
    - Magnetic Stripe Readers .
    - Liser scanner .
    - POS Text Collector (Black Box) .
    - Security Cameras .
    - DVR/VCR .

    This package empowers all businesses in different sizes by employing the latest and best means and tools available from different domains starting from; Infrastructure, safety and security, telecommunication, hardware and workstations in addition to software applications, to facilitate, manage and enhance different operational and business activities. This also includes required services to ensure ultimate utilization and outstanding outcomes of the provided resources in an efficient operating cost such as; Implementation, instulation, training, maintenance and technical support.
    Networks : Networks and security systems (CISCO – GFI) Hardware - IBM servers
    - Storage
    - Workstation: Personal Computer – notebook - Printers – Scanners.
    - PBX .
    - Security Camera.
    - Text Collector (Black Box) .
    - DVR / VCR .
    Software: - SQL database® license
    - Windows® Operating Systems license
    - AutoManagement® Application
    - Phoneware (Telecom administration and call accounting Application).

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