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Introduction , Also known as eSyarati, AutoManagement® is an Automotive ERP solution consists of tightly coupled modules that form the heart of modern automotive businesses and covers a wide range of automotive related business activities and transactions

Product DescriptionAutoManagement® obtains high level of Consistency, performance, reliability style; which form key attributes that address regional international standard requirements.<
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Consistency is obtained throughout integrated modules that cover the logistics & financial activities of different branches and locations. It sets the milestone of the modern business operations. Performance is experienced when each module is effectivly used as a stand-alone module or efficiently integrated with other modules to address each business unique requirements. Additionally, the system is capable of generating a wide range of dynamic and customizable real time reports via different powerful tools such as; built-in report manager, queries and ad-hoc reports or other third-party reporting tools. Reliable security eases DataBase administration and enables full control over user and user access rights. This eliminates data redundancy or undesirable access by none authorized data users. Style significance is obvious with a customizable GUI interface which simulates windows® environment. Furthermore, the technology used by this bilingual system simplifies communication and data collection methods.

Key Features
  • Broad collection of employee information.
  • Full control over user access rights and security.
  • Adjustable Master Files with customizable parameters.
  • Availability of a range of practical reporting tools.
  • Multi- currency/ location/ cost center/language.

The Suite Modules:
  • Financial Management System .
  • Vehicle Management System .
  • Inventory Management System .
  • Service Management System.
  • Rental Management System .
  • Assets Management System .
  • Treasury Management System.
  • Consumer Finance System .
  • Insurance Management System.
  • Project Management System.
  • Production Control System .


Introduction FMS, Financial Management System, is a composition of three main modules: General ledger, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable. This powerful financial system integrates with all the sub-systems to provide management with overall & segment-based accounting reports that ensures top management has a complete perspective of the entire organization. Furthermore; it supports your growth and expansion due to being multi companies, multi branches, multi divisions, multi currencies and multi franchises.

Product DescriptionFMS provides flexible accounting structure to match different business structures. Through mapping the organizational financial reporting structure, financial year setup and more.
It also serves as the central container of all financial information about all business divisions in your organization which delivers Central Profitability, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports from a single focal place. Using its built-in user defined setup features, you can "personalize" FMS to meet your specific needs such as: defining personal financial reporting structure and disabling some functions that are not needed.

Broad collection of employee information.
  • Fully integrated with all other modules.
  • Multi Segments/Currencies/fiscal years.
  • Includes optional Adjusting period.
  • JV Templates.
  • Budget import/export and processing.
  • Bank/Account Reconciliation function.
  • Petty Cash module.
  • LC (Letter of credit) processing.
  • Automatic Cheque Printing facility.
  • Customers relational management.
  • Suppliers grouping.


Introduction VMS is a unique module of its kind that helps planning, ordering,receiving, stocking, selling and after sales support for vechicles and heavy equipments.

Product DescriptionProduct DescriptionVMS will provide you with a complete information about every vehicle, every invoice, every shipment, every reservation and every sales person in few clicks. Moreover, every user will have his own comprehensive tool to perform his tasks. Sales person has a "Show Room" option, while the manager has the "Sales Analyzer", and the Marketing manager has "Customer Retention" tool.

Key Features
  • Advance tools to minimize stock & maximize sales of vehicles.
  • Full Ordering Cycle.
  • FIFO Reservation.
  • Integration to Service/Finance.
  • Automatic Delivery/PDI.
  • Used Cars/Trucks Processing.
  • Exporting module.
  • Warranty management.
  • Customer follow-up and after sales support.


Introduction IMS is designed to manage the logistics operations of an organization through an advanced ordering module that predicts future demand using historical data and statistical tools. These sophisticated tools allow organizations to minimize stock holdings while maximizing revenue at the same time.

Product DescriptionUsing its advanced logic and formulas, IMS is guaranteed to reduce parts stock costs of your organization, while increasing parts revenue and turnover rates. IMS will also decrease your inventory holding, but at the same time increase parts availability rates at the counter; thus increasing sales, and increasing customer satisfaction rates. IMS will monitor the behavior of each item and recognizes the best order quantity automatically based on several factors in the system. This relieves Parts Managers from the impossible task of monitoring tens of thousands of items manually. When a part is not available, IMS records this event and makes sure that it is included in the next order. Therfore, IMS will make sure the customer requirements are met at the right time. Using IMS, you will forget normal lengthy stock taking days as it makes sure that all items are counted well before the end of the year. In fact, IMS will almost count the items for you. All you need to do is to fill the numbers.

Key Features
  • Advance tools to minimize stock & maximize sales of vehicles.
  • Full Ordering Cycle.
  • FIFO Reservation.
  • Integration to Service/Finance.
  • Automatic Delivery/PDI.


Introduction SMS handles the maintenance and repair of units using advanced tools for appointments, scheduling, technician management through automatic job allocation. This optimizes the space and time available and assists the organization to reap the benefit of true automation of their workshops and to achieve high customer satisfaction ratios.

Product DescriptionSMS users will enjoy a wealth of unique electronic and friendly tools, such as: Graphical Damage Estimation window, Graphical workshop monitoring and the Self-learning right part selection tool.

Key Features
  • Integration with Parts, Vehicles and Financials.
  • Graphical Damage Estimation.
  • Graphical Job Monitoring Board.
  • Automatic Job scheduling.
  • Automatic Customer Follow-ups.
  • Bar-Coding, Data Reader and RFID support.
  • Vehicle Locator module.


Introduction RMS is designed to handle all aspects of the rental business such as: purchasing new units, long and short term rentals, depreciation, location transfers, disposal of unit and help managing and renting large fleet of units. This system incorporates years of business know-how to arrive at the best optimized tools to cut down unproductive work and streamline operations.

Product DescriptionRMS makes managing large fleets a joyful exercise by using Vehicle movement tracking module where each and every movement of the vehicle is traced and recorded. Furthermore, it helps saving expenses through its outstanding Traffic violations system that records all tickets electronically and automatically detects responsible persons of the ticket. Also, through its invoice generation wizard, it helps generate all kinds of invoices based on specific customer requirements. For specialist in the Rental Business, RMS provides a self-contained functionality for vehicle procurement, stocking, Asset Depreciation & Tracking as well as fleet management.

Key Features/strong>
  • Full Purchasing cycle.
  • Short & Long term leasing.
  • Full Contract Management system.
  • Traffic Violations processing
  • Asset/Depreciation Tracking.
  • Fleet Movement Tracking.
  • Invoice Generation wizard.


Introduction AMS allows you to handle assets within the organization by supporting an on-line requisition, approvals, automatic generation of LPO to suppliers, items receipts, bar-coding, perpetual stock taking and finally the disposal of the asset.

Product DescriptionBeing fully integrated with all other modules, along with its single point of data entry design, AMS dramatically reduces your manual and paper work. The system also supports a lot of electronic and friendly tools which assist on: Bar-coding and label printing, internal assets procurement and data import/export functionality that make your assets management a fun job.

Key Features
  • Assets procurement cycle.
  • Stock Check.
  • Assets Movement tracking.
  • Assets Depreciation and Assets disposal.
  • Bar-Coding
  • Print Labels.
  • Import external data.
  • Integration with subsystems and Finance.
  • Support parent/child assets.
  • Assets transfer (ownership/location).
  • Assets grouping.
  • Multi-dimension filtering and multi-level grouping of reports.


Introduction TMS manages and tracks treasury related operations, corporate loans and financial instruments that help organization in future cash flows projections along with foreign currency Exchange deals.

Product DescriptionTMS helps in planning your projects and maintaining detailed records about project funding through bank loans and facilities as well as, their payments and instulments. It also, follows-up the cash flow and maintening adequate cash during various stages of your projects.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive management of treasury function.
  • Seamless integration with finance.
  • Estimated future cash and lows for any period.
  • Short/long term loan management.
  • FX options and deals.
  • Promissory note management.
  • Letter of guarantee.
  • Composite LC management.


Introduction CFS is ideal for vehicle financing as it keeps track of all vehicle sales transactions. Its also maintens installments (principal amount & interest amount), payments made, balance amount, Bar-Coding unit, supports early settlement of loans, rescheduling and automatic generation of warning letters.

Product DescriptionCFS gives you the most accurate and up-to-date credit rating and status of your credit and loan applications through its connection with Credit Institutions and its centralized and integrated database. The system provides you with an online credit approval functionality, intelligent bill collector module that identifies targets & commissions for collectors, and a nice tool to convert payments into PDC (Post Dated Checks) and other electronic tools such as document scanning to make consumers finance process easier and more efficient.

Key Features
  • Supports financing Vehicles as well as other type of business activities.
  • Central Consumer database.
  • Importing external credit data.
  • Bill collector module..
  • Credit Approval Workflow.
  • Role 78 been incorporated.
  • Automatic Early settlement.


Introduction INS, Insurance Management System, covers insurance brokerage operations by providing traditional insurance policies as well as extended warranty programs on behalf of insurance providers for a certain margin. Thus, increases your sources of income.

Product DescriptionThis system assists insurance brokerage companies in providing customers with insurance policies on behalf of the insurance companies. Additionally, it enables providing extended warranty promotions offered by the dealership. This technique encourages customers to maintain the purchased vehicles in the dealer’s service centers.

Key Features
  • Insurance Policy Brokerage facility.
  • Insurance Value Evaluation function.
  • Full Insurance details stored in the system.
  • Full Integration with Vehicle and Rental systems.


Introduction PMS assists organizations in planning the financial aspects of a project. Through its integration with IMS & payroll data and based on project parameters and actual data, the system generates project billing & profitability statements. Additionally projects can be easily amended based on customer requirements.

Product DescriptionPMS provides you with a means to plan and implement projects from the financial point of view. Hence, you can get details of activities that otherwise would show only in total figures in financial statement.The system is flexible in handling various kinds of projects, various models of project accounting and recognition, and various kinds of project activities as well.

Key Features
  • Integrated with Inventory, Service, and Finance.
  • Actual VS planned project activity of labor and parts.
  • Financial management of the project.
  • Project Amendments and revisions.
Introduction PCS is an add-on module to the IMS (Inventory Management System) that is designed for companies involved in fabrication and manufacturing activities. It supports the full process of taking customized orders from customers, configuring a bill of material for the production and keeping track of the product status during the various stages of manufacturing.

Product DescriptionPCS provides you with an integrated environment that is closely tied to the IMS for handling the raw materials & finished goods. The manufacturing process within PCS is controlled by a bill of material that allows management to set limits on the levels of raw material consumption and compares the actual consumption against the set limits of the bill of material.

Key Features
  • Supports manufacturing/fabrication activities with a bill-of-material master.
  • Easy product configuration based on customer requirements.
  • Full integration with the IMS module for Raw materials & Finished goods
  • Labor management tools to identify productivity & efficiency of the manufacturing process.<