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If I find a problem with the system and I need your support, how much time does it take Dhow to resolve it?


Dhow provides a range of options to the client to quickly resolve any problems, and ensure smooth running of the business. The time taken to resolve a problem will depend on various factors such as(Nature of the problem - Support Level agreements in place-Technology enabled at client's location for problem resolution)

In today's internet-enabled world, resolving a problem could be as simple as sending an alert to Dhow through email, Skype or messenger service, and trouble-shooting the problem in a matter of minutes.


Which languages are supported by AutoManagement?


Auto-Management® currently support 2 languages



The user interface can easily switch between these 2 languages.


I already have a finance system, and I want to use your system to manage my operations. Is there any possibility to keep my finance current system and integrate it with your system?


Auto-Management is a multi-currency system. It allows you to define any currency that your company deals with, and create financial transactions in that currency. Account statements of external customers or suppliers can be maintained in their own currency, and system automatically converts the value to the local currency based on exchange rates defined in the system. An automatic tool will compute FX gain or loss on currency transactions ensuring that your financial books reflect the true value of foreign currencies. The system also supports 2 or 3 decimal places for currency transactions.


Which currencies are supported by your system? And can I use multi currencies in my financial transactions?


Our system can connect to a wide range of Enterprise-level financial systems such as Oracle, SAP, Great Plains, etc. Our integration team is experienced in working with different ERP solutions, to ensure that transactions generated from our system automatically integrate with a financial system of your choice.



Is it possible to purchase just one or two modules from your system? or I should buy the full suite?


You can mix and match the modules based on your business requirements. There is no need to purchase the full suite. Our pricing is based on the modules that you select. Additional modules (if required) can be purchased at a later date without affecting your existing modules.



I want start a new automotive business and I am looking for software to handle the needs of my small company. Your system seems to be designed for large dealership companies. How can your software help me?


Our system is designed with business processes that are considered as "best practices in the industry". The software can be used by any company (big or small) that wants to improve their business processes. By using our software, you ensure that you are following correct procedures, and that your information is secure. You can start small, and grow big. Our system will automatically grow with you.



My company has three branches in three deferent countries; can I use your system to manage the operations in all the branches?


Yes you can, the system can be connected over all modern networks (ISDN, DSL, etc.).





I've tried many systems before to handle my business, and always I found them slowing down my business process. How will your system help me to solve this issue?


Auto-Management® with its powerful built-in reports and Data Analysis and Data-mining features, can let you discover hidden trends in your business and data, thus enabling management to focus on that operation and increase productivity and revenue. This will result in decreasing the costs while increasing the income.



What kind of hardware do I need to run your software?


Auto-Management® runs on standard Windows operating system. Our technical team will provide you with the suggested hardware configuration after studying your current needs, and your planned growth for the next 5 years. This will ensure that the hardware that you purchase now does not become obsolete immediately.



What kind of hidden costs can I expect to pay to you - once I purchase the software?


There are zero hidden costs with our software. You pay the agreed price which includes software licenses and implementation. You will not be charged anything additional for implementation or support - once the contract is signed.

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