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Dhow Information Systems become a SAP "Gold" Partner


Dhow Information Systems, a subsidiary of Al-Sayer Group is now a SAP Gold partner, after successfully closing a number of key deals in Kuwait.
At the recent SAP Partner summit in Dubai, Dhow Information System was also awarded the “2015 Best Partner for Cloud” in the MENA region (Middle-East and North Africa), for their contribution in SAP business.

According to Mr. Barretto (General Manager, Dhow), cloud is the future of corporate computing, and SAP and Dhow are uniquely positioned to deliver secure and efficient cloud solutions using the Hana Cloud Platform, and best-in-class Human Resource and Talent Management solutions in the form of SuccessFactors.
Mr. Barretto added “Our long term vision is to leverage our local skills with world-class solutions provided by SAP, in order to deliver unique products to our customers in Kuwait and the GCC region”

    06 Apr 2016


ACL Launches innovative GRC Solutions in Kuwait.


ACL has upgraded its cloud-based risk management, audit management, and compliance solution, ACL GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), and its data analytics software, ACL Analytics. ACL GRC enables a wider set of stakeholders to harvest audit and other GRC efforts for better decision-making and risk management by enhancing visibility into those activities. New tools within ACL Analytics helps boost an organization's ability to access and probe risk and control data by helping users build complex analysis more quickly. As part of the enhancements to ACL GRC, users will gain the benefits of a full-function business intelligence (BI) module, the ACL GRC Reports Manager, which provides complete reporting, dashboarding, and metrics for executives, audit committees, and other stakeholders.

A new Action Tracker tool also provides a complete view of all the actions and activities required from each team member within all projects underway across the organization.The new solution was launched in Kuwait with the help of local channel partners Dhow Information Systems . The event was attended by Auditors from local banks, financial institutions, major companies, and the State Audit Bureau.

    31 jan 2014


Al Dhow becomes an ACL Channel Partner


Dhow Information Systems, a subsidiary of Al-Sayer group announced their channel partnership with ACL ( delivers technology solutions that are transforming audit and risk management to give organizations unprecedented control over their business, by providing a combination of software and expert content that enables powerful internal controls to identify and mitigate risk, protect profits and accelerate performance.

Dhow Information Systems has over 10 years of experience in the Kuwait market, providing highly customizable software and hardware solutions.

    24 Apr 2013




Dhow information systems signed a contract with SALEH AL BAZAI & SONS CO. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). The contract covers the full implementation of automotive dealership management system, covering all the sales & after sales activities (Vehicle Management System, Inventory Management System, and Service Management System) plus a full financial module with business intelligent.

SALEH AL BAZAI & SONS CO., established in 1977, is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia. The company distributes Toyota and Lexus cars in the kingdom. It has many showrooms, spare parts stores, and warehouse and maintenance workshops.

    01 OCT 2012




Dhow information systems signed a contract with AAYAN LEASING CO. (QATAR). The contract covers the implementation of automotive Leasing Management System covering all the leasing activities plus a full financial module.

AAYAN LEASING CO. is one of the fastest growing, sharia complaint business houses in the country, providing fleet management solutions to all walks of trade and industries and public sector entities.

    01 Dec 2013




Dhow information systems signed a contract with PRIORITY AUTOMOBILE CO. (KUWAIT). The contract covers the implementation of automotive Leasing Management System covering all the leasing activities.

PRIORITY AUTOMOBILE CO. is the leading company in luxury cars leasing. It is a Kuwaiti company specialized in the sale & lease cars, founded 2006. The company provides unique services for luxury leasing cars for individuals. Moreover, priority automobile offers leasing service packages for companies and the government sector.

    22 Mar 2010

Makfm Car Leasing


Dhow information systems signed a contract with MAKFM company for car rental management system and rental management system

MAKFM a subsidiary of Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive, presentations luxury car rental, that offers the services conform to international standards. Macfm offers operating lease for a period of 13 month 26 month for all types of cars on the Alghanim & Sons, such as BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover Cars and Mini Cooper.

    01 OCT 2012


Al-Yasra Foods - kw.


Al Yasra Foods is a leader in providing value-added brand distribution solutions in Kuwait and Iraq with expanding activities in other GCC territories.

    01 Dec 2013


ISO Certification


Dhow Information Systems Company was awarded ISO 9000:2001 certification for the scope of Sales and Support of ERP Automotive Solutions, AutoManagement® .

    22 Mar 2010


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