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Development Maintenance Training
    We can expand our solution to satisfy customers' needs thorough developing tools and enhancements to the Current Solutions as well as developing entirely new modules to suit clients' business processes. Additionally, our team of experts has a deep understanding of business processes and can assist clients through the entire implementation process by recommending the right software, hardware & infrastructure products.

    Covered Services - Developing entirely new system applications based on market demands and needs.
    - Composing new tools and enhancement to available system application to ensure continues    improvement. .
    - Modifying the available systems as requested by the customers.
    - Placing competent human resources to undertake development tasks directly in the assigned location as an affiliate or independently.
    This service ensures continues and immediate detection of errors, bugs and minor malfunctions which with immediate repair will eliminate associated risk of complete shutdown of the solutions and the delay on the dependent operational activates. Thus, reducing the time, effort and operating cost.

    Covered Services - Continue releasing of fixed batches for AutoManagement ® System Application.
    - Supporting AutoManagement ® users via internet client portal and call center.
    - Maintaining direct and third parties supplied hardware and devices periodically.
    - In-house workshop for urgent and immediate repair or exchange.
    - - Assigning skilled technical engineer to support contracted locations/companies independently.
    DIS provides training services for all the solutions sold and supported by the company. This includes vertical solution; AutoManagement®, Enterprise Solutions as well as Turnkey Solutions.

    Covered Services - Group Training sessions.
    - Individual training sessions.
    - Real-time online video conferencing sessions.
    - Tutorials document and video sessions. (available in the client area)

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